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049: Wealthy Inside and Out

I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood. That is a very ambiguous description, however, as there is significant variation in wealth even within this broad demographic description. That is to say, if the typical household makes $150k/year, that’s considered by most to be upper middle class. Yet people who are making mid-six figures […]

048: Why the Rich Sleep Well at Night!

The stock market has been a bit volatile lately hasn’t it? That’s what I’m reading anyway. After all, it matters very little to me how the stock market is doing. When it comes to my CORE investments, I am not a speculator. In fact, for most of my investments, I have learned from the ultra-wealthy […]

047: Money is NOT Dirty!

In the 18th century, Mayer Rothschild established a banking empire that today is estimated to be worth over $2 Trillion. How did he do it? Well, part of it was because of his religion. You see, Mayer was a Jew in Europe at a time when the Christian Church forbade charging interest in all instances. […]

046: A Valentine’s Story

It was love at first sight! Your thoughts were consumed. You were obsessed. And for the first few years it was exciting and rewarding. It seemed like this relationship would last forever. Then, slowly over time…it just wasn’t what it used to be anymore. The relationship became work. You tried hard to resurrect things—to bring […]

045: My FAVORITE Kind of Investing!

The Wealthiest Investors in the world have a favorite kind of investment. Now I’m not talking about a specific asset class necessarily. I’m talking about an investment strategy. You see, everyone loves high percentage return on investment. But you have to be a little careful here. If I say I got a deal for you— […]

44: How to Mentally Move Your Financial Goal Posts

Jim Rohn famously said “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. For me, that would be: My wife: Beautiful 42 year old graduate of Stanford and the London School of Economics turned fashion entrepreneur (see My 8 year old daughter: We call her the “risk assessment supermodel”—gorgeous and […]