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011: Doctor, my portfolio hurts!

In this episode of Wealth Formula Podcast, we talk with Dr. Eric Tait, MD, MBA about his transformation from an internist to founder and president of Vernonville Asset Management LLC. Dr. Tait gives his insight into the economy and ideas about how to invest your hard earned money (hint: NOT the stock market!)

010: The biological secret to success: repeated failure

We learn to walk by repeatedly falling down. We learn to talk by first making unintelligible noises. We are hard wired to learn through trial and error but are brainwashed by an educational system that teaches us that doing things a different way is wrong and that failure is bad. The reality is that any […]

009: From High Paid Professional to Higher Paid Entrepreneur

Zed Williamson was a high paid professional but was not satisfied. He shed his golden handcuffs and went on to build a company just like the one he worked for…but better. In the process, he gave him self a BIG raise!