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29: Have You Heard of Holistic Wealth?

“What would you do if you no longer had to work for money?” OK, I know a lot of you out there are saying, “Buck, I’d like to play golf all day every day.” You know what, you may say that, but after a while, I think that you might get a little bored. Smart […]

28: What if I don’t hate my job?

If you hate your job, you can find commiseration all over the place. Judging from the iTunes podcast line-up, EVERYONE HATES THEIR JOB!!! But what if you actually kind of like your job? What??? Like your job? What about “getting out of the rat race” or “escaping from the cubicle”? Isn’t that what every podcaster […]

27: Donald Trump’s #1 Secret to Success

Politics is not something we talk about here in the Wealth Formula World. Admittedly I long for the days of William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal—a time when you could disagree on political issues without being disagreeable. But in the modern era of the Trump presidency, pleasantries no longer exist. Now whether you like […]

26: The Funny Thing Robert Kiyosaki Once Told Me…

Here’s a question from one of our Wealth Formula Podcast listeners that seemed appropriate for the entrepreneurial theme of the week. “I’m a beginner investor from California that needs your advice. I seek your help because I genuinely admire your lifestyle. I want to create generational wealth for my family that would allow me to […]

25: Eating Bad Fish in the Desert!

I’m in Phoenix in a hotel and decide to order room service. Ahi Tuna? Sounds good! Oops…I’m in the freakin’ desert and I order fish? Seared Ahi Tuna? That does not come from Phoenix! Well, I took a few bites and it didn’t feel normal. It was stringy and had some stiff parts to it. […]

24: Start Your Own Family Office!

The ultra wealthy often utilize a “family office” to deploy capital. A family office is a business that manages large sums of money for wealth families. People with a lot of money, aren’t investing it in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds! They are investing in real things like businesses and real estate. The job of […]