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048: Robert Kiyosaki’s Real Estate Advisor Ken McElroy

When I finished my training and figured out that I had to invest money somehow, the hardest thing for me was figuring out who to trust. The first apartment building I bought was a 14 unit building in the southern suburbs of Chicago. I would now characterize that as a C- to D+ area. My […]

047: Making Yourself Rich and Giving to the Poor with Old Dawg Manassero

Everyone defines wealth a little differently. My own definition of wealth is in the form of an equation wealth=time. Time is my currency of choice. It gives me the freedom to do whatever I like with my life. For the last 2 days, I took my three little girls (8,4,2) sledding in in the afternoon […]

045: Private Investing with Mauricio Rauld

My investor club is for “accredited investors.” What is an accredited investor? Well, it’s not something you apply for like it sounds. Being an accredited investor is just something you are or you are not…like you are either pregnant or you are not. An accredited investor is a defined by our friends at the SEC […]

044: Small Change, Big Profits with Eve Picker

The ideal business is not one that is necessarily glamorous. I have a cosmetic surgery business that is uncomfortably glamorous for me–I’m not a really flashy guy. Nevertheless, my plastic surgeons do a great job of making people get over their body hangups. It’s not just about changing a person’s physical appearance, it is actually […]

043: Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream-Christopher Whalen

In the 1980s, you could get double digit returns on your savings. Interest rates were that high.  That said, inflation was out of control as well so the real value of earnings might not be as attractive as it is at first glance but certainly better than today. Today’s economy punishes savers be eroding there […]

042: Bonus Episode: Investing in the USA

I recorded this interview with Reed Goossens several weeks ago but could not figure out where to put it because it is focussed on investing the USA for foreign investors. I did not want to leave all you Yankees out for a whole week so I decided to broadcast this as a bonus episode. Going […]