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089: Why The Rich DO NOT use IRAs

I don’t have an IRA or a 401K. In fact, most people I know who are higher net worth do not. You see, what I’m realizing more and more as I continue to gradually climb up this wealth ladder is that there seems to be a separate set of rules at each stop. Don’t get […]

087: Robert Kiyosaki on Why Educated Professionals Make Lousy Investors

You know, one of the interesting things about getting older is that you have the ability to look back and tell a story about yourself—to create a narrative about the moments and the people that, for better or for worse, changed the course of your life. I remember the day I decided to become a […]

086: Tulips or Technological Revolution: Cryptotalk with Teeka Tiwari

In 1593 a Dutch botanist named Carolus Clusius planted several tulip bulbs in his botanical garden and over time he proved their ability to grow in the harsh conditions of the Low Countries. Tulips were new to Europe and they looked nothing like plants the Dutch had seen. Furthermore, a virus specific to the Tulips […]

085: Accredited to Accredited with Gena Lofton

I am a refugee of the Thomas fires that crept dangerously close to my home in Montecito, CA. That’s why my audio sucks on the introduction of this week’s podcast. Fortunately the actual interview was done before my evacuation. As I mentioned in the introduction of last week’s show, I woke up to ash on […]

084: Preparing for the Storm with Chris Martenson

I cannot tell a lie… Despite the fact that I am a libertarian and seem to run in circles with some pretty depressing people: I do not see the future filled with doom and gloom. I do not believe that the United States is screwed and that you should start preparing for Armageddon. I do […]

083: What You Need to Know About Gold with Dana Samuelson

Thousands of years ago, in the Roman Times of Christ, you would go to your local store and trade your ounce of gold coins for a nice toga and a pair of sandals—something worthy of wearing to the coliseum. Today, an ounce of gold will buy you a pretty nice suit and a pair of shoes—something […]