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055: Confessions of a Cash Flow Ninja: MC Laubcher

Everyone grows up with some kind of belief system that is an amalgam of religion, culture, and life circumstances. These beliefs influence how we see the world and how we behave within it. Make no mistake, belief systems have a lot to do with how successful or not successful you are in life. I am […]

053: Peak Prosperity with Chris Martenson!

I have spoken in the past about how I believe that time is the currency of wealth. In other words, it’s not dollars or euros that most of us are after, but rather time. We want to be able to do what we want, when we want. Some of us love our careers and wouldn’t […]

052: Be Passive and Prosper with Marco Santarelli

We are a culture of robots created by the industrial revolution. Our current public educational system was modeled after a system created by the Prussians in the early 1800s and was imported to us during the industrial revolution by guy named Horace Mann. This system was then fine tuned by a group of 10 guys […]

051: Wealth Grows in Trees with Alex Wilson

Should you always invest in things with the highest returns? Well? That’s an interesting question. When I first started investing, that’s all I cared about. When I bought my first apartment building, I did the numbers and looked at the tax returns. It looked like I was going to get over 25 percent cash on […]

050: Financial War with Jim Rickards

I just got back from the Real Estate Guys Summit at Sea. Wow!!!–those guys know how to deliver. If you don’t listen to their podcast, by the way, you should. It’s the Real Estate Guys Radio Show. There are lots of copy cat real estate shows out there but only one Robert and Russ! I […]

049: Leverage is time with Ari Meisel

What is leverage? The action of a lever by definition is to gain some kind of advantage. It can be physical like when you are using a tool or, in finance terms, it is the use of borrowed money to enhance buying capacity (and hopefully increase return on investment). A few shows ago I emphasized […]