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060: Cash Flow to the tune of Barry White with Jeff Schneider

Last week, my wife and I took our daughters to a town fair. We stayed until the end and as we were walking out were offered free cases of blueberry yogurt drinks and bottled ice coffees–whatever was left over from what they couldn’t sell at the fair. At my urging, my eight year old daughter […]

059: An Economy on the Eve of Disaster with Peter Schiff

I keep reading about how the equity markets are bracing because of all of the things going on in the news–senate hearings on Trump and Russia, the referendum in the UK, and the fed about to raise rates again. People are worried about how these national and global events will affect their retirement money. Never […]

058: Brain Surgery and Avoiding Financial Mind Traps with John Howe!

I used to be a neurosurgery resident–at least for a couple years before I realized that brain surgery did not suit my lifestyle. Actually, brain surgery was not really compatible with having a lifestyle at all! Anyway, I moved on but I sure did love neuroscience and the brain. When you operate on the brain, […]

057: Personal Finance Tips and TRICKS with Jordan Goodman

I’m writing this the day after Memorial day. First of all, I want to take this chance to thank all of you veterans out there for putting your life on the line so that we can live the relatively carefree life that we do. Compared to the rest of the World, we’ve got a pretty […]

056: Fannie Mae’s Chief Economist Speaks: Doug Duncan

It is route important to remember that when I have people on the show, it is purely for educational purposes. I want to expose you to asset classes and hopefully open up a new way of thinking. However, I want to make sure you understand that it does not mean I am endorsing those particular […]

055: Confessions of a Cash Flow Ninja: MC Laubcher

Everyone grows up with some kind of belief system that is an amalgam of religion, culture, and life circumstances. These beliefs influence how we see the world and how we behave within it. Make no mistake, belief systems have a lot to do with how successful or not successful you are in life. I am […]