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039: Chocolate Covered Profits with David Sewell!

I had a really interesting week. As you know I launched my book 7 Secrets of Eternal Wealth a week or so ago and it became an international best seller. I also got invited to appear on 7-8 TV show to talk about the book. So I’m excited to get our message out to more […]

038: Trump, the economy, and the future with Lior Gantz

The inauguration was yesterday and the world is pretty much the same. It’s actually sunny in Chicago which is a rarity this time of the year Meanwhile, the Dow is going crazy…flirting with 20,000. Trumpenomics has got people excited. Small business future confidence indices are off the charts. The enthusiasm has not been this high […]

037: Hotel Investing In Paradise with Robert Helms!

Robert Helms and Russell Gray are known best as “The Real Estate Guys.” This radio show and podcast is the number one real estate show in the world. Many of you already know them and listen to them. What most of you probably don’t know, however, is that Robert and Russ are also very good […]

035: Surgical Investing with Tom Burns!

The elegance of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is in its simplicity. You invest for cash flow. An asset is something that puts money in your pocket while a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. That simplicity was frowned upon by Kiyosaki’s critics when the book came out. Financial critics […]

034: Apartment Investing with Jake and Gino from Wheelbarrow Profits!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you all had time to rest and rejuvenate. How about we make some New Year’s resolutions and stick to them in 2017. There are thousands of you out there listening to me from around the world. If you’re listening to my program, that means that you are already investing in […]

033 : Robert Kiyosaki’s advisor on Asset Protection: Garrett Sutton

Everyone has to protect their assets. The problem is that most of us don’t think about it very much until it’s too late. We live in an incredibly litigious society. Who knows when you might get into a fender bender or one of your kids does and the next thing you know you’re getting sued. […]